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Wills & Estates

Ensuring your loved ones know your wishes

At Jackson LPC, I can help you fully document your wishes and ensure they are followed in the future.


In Ontario, if a deceased person does not have a will, their assets will be distributed according to the Succession Law Reform Act. Some people are comfortable having their estate dealt with in this manner but for most, Ontario laws do not conform to how they want their property distributed upon their death. By having a properly prepared will and informing your loved ones of where it is stored, you can ensure that your property is taken care of and distributed after your death in accordance with your wishes.

Wills can be simple or complex depending on how much property you have, and how you would like it to be distributed. A will establishes an executor who will be responsible for gathering all of your property, paying off your debts using that property, and distributing whatever remains to whom you choose. A will also determines how property is to be divided and to whom it will be given to. Parents of minor or dependent children often use a will to ensure their children will have their needs met in the case of a sudden or unexpected death.                                       

Powers of Attorney

In some cases, illness, aging, or an injury may lead to a situation where you are no longer capable of making medical or financial decisions, either permanently or temporarily. Having a Power of Attorney for Personal Care and a Continuing Power of Attorney for Property allows you to appoint people you trust to make decisions on your behalf. Also, they allow you to clearly document choices you would like your personal representative to make for you, such as medical treatments you wish to refuse or receive.

Without these Powers of Attorney, you may not have any control over who may be appointed to make decisions regarding your property or personal care. Additionally, friends or family members who wish to be your decision makers may have to apply to the Consent and Capacity Board or the Ontario Courts in order to manage your affairs. This legal process can be an added layer of stress for loved ones at an already emotional time. By having your Powers of Attorney properly prepared and your decision makers advised on where they are stored, you will provide peace of mind for your loved ones.

Services Include

  • Reviewing your completed will or power of attorney questionnaire.
  • Consulting with you to obtain additional relevant and clarifying information about your will or power of attorney.
  • Assessing the information provided, and providing a recommendation as to whether drafting a will or power of attorney is appropriate for you.
  • When appropriate, recommending additional outside services, such as a capacity assessment.
  • Consulting with you on your choice of an estate executor or an attorney, as well as backup choices, and advising you on how to discuss with these people what their responsibilities will be.
  • Drafting your will or power of attorney as per your instructions.
  • Fully reviewing your will or power of attorney with you, and explaining each document’s nature and effects.
  • If necessary, revising your will or power of attorney based on your instructions.
  • Witnessing your signature and providing you with an affidavit of execution for each document.
  • Providing you with the original copy of your will or power of attorney.
  • Instructing you regarding the storage and care of your will or power of attorney.
  • Instructing you on what to do if you wish make changes your will or power of attorney in the future.

Basic Will

$250 Flat Rate
    • Full Consultation
    • Drafting & Revision
    • Completed Will Review
    • Affidavit of Execution

Powers of Attorney

$200 Both Documents
    • Full Consultation
    • Drafting & Revision
    • Completed Power of Attorney Review
    • Affidavit of Execution

Single Package

$400 Flat Rate
    • Basic Will
    • Continuing Power of Attorney for Property
    • Power of Attorney for Personal Care
    • Affidavits of Execution

Couples Package

$600 Flat Rate
    • Basic Wills
    • Continuing Powers of Attorney for Property
    • Powers of Attorney for Personal Care
    • Affidavits of Execution

All Prices are Subject to Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)

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